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My Lombok Review

Last Friday, I was visiting Lombok for three days, two nights with my family. We were planning to have a nice, quiet, vacation since Bali didn't suit us very well with all the tourists, so we prayed that Lombok would be peaceful and quiet.

We were wrong at some things.

So, that morning we took a flight to Lombok from Denpasar (which is in Bali, by the way) and the flight we took was Wings Air, but the airplane was small and of course, it felt like a long flight but it was only about 30 minutes.

When we arrived, we quickly took our luggage and then searched for our driver since we rented a car there. Our driver was an old man, but he was nice and often smiled.

The car was very nice, it was a Kijang Innova, one of the best cars there since there aren't many cars in Lombok. My little Brother whined that he wanted to eat in the hotel, while we were heading to a local restaurant called 'warung.'

The menu wasn't cheap, but it wasn't expensive either. A package was IDR 100.000, and that went per person. For the restaurants in Lombok? I guess they were okay, and the food were fine. I enjoyed the delicious sea food.

We stayed at the Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. The hotel was very crowded when we checked in, and it took a long time for us to check in before we were headed to our room, which was one of the best rooms they had since we were a part of 'Starwood Preferred Guests.'

Our room wasn't very small, and the deal was just fine! We had a patio, where it lead to the private beach, spa, and the swimming pool. Also the bar. I guess it was a very nice room.

We enjoyed the private beach and the swimming pool. It wasn't overly crowded like the lobby, and the water wasn't very clean but it was blue. I guess it just had seaweed inside the water. The swimming pool was large, and it also had a kids pool if you have a child and they can't swim in the other pool. It had a few decorations and slide, also a bridge though I didn't know if it was for decoration or not. We kept playing at the private beach or the swimming pool for the day.

The only thing we didn't like about the hotel was the slow service (my Mom ordered towels and it didn't come after 3 hours!) and the expensive internet. We had to pay about IDR 96.000, and it was only for one night.

Now I'm getting to the good part; The beaches. The people that have gone to Lombok once will say 'the beaches are blue' or so, and yes I have to agree on that but there were so many locals there offering us prices of their stuff, some of them even forced us until they followed us. It wasn't a major problem, though, so we just moved on to another beach. This beach didn't have very many locals, and it didn't belong to a hotel. It was called the Merica Beach. The water was blue, and if you took a picture from far it would look very beautiful. We also got a few coral shells along the way before leaving to the hotel.

The next day, we had to catch a flight in order to go home so we missed a chance to go to Gili Islands. I think the next time we visit Lombok, we will surely go to Gili Islands.

I'll post the pictures soon, so you might have to wait a while since our camera was low on battery.

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